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keypad sequence for Forward & DND with Yealink W70B Base - kargah - 04-18-2023 10:07 PM

Hi there! I hope this is the right place to ask my question.

I have a Yealink W70B Base with a W56H handset. Firmware-Version of base is W70B- and Hardware-Version Handset Version is
The Sip Account is registered at an Unifi Openstage business telephone system with SW-Version osbiz_v3_R1.1.0_302.

With wired phones like OpenScape Desk Phone CP 200 or wireless like Gigaset S3 professional, it is possible to use a special keypad sequence for switching on/off Always Forward, Busy Forward, No Answer Forward feature, if a feature called "Associated Choices/Services" (Assoziierte Wahl/Dienste) is activated at telephone system. To switch Always Forward on, the keypad sequence is *11[Destination Number], to switch off #11.

Now I want to switch on and off the Always Forward feature by using the keypad with the W56H Handset as discribed above.
If I do so, I receive Not Available on the display.

The feature is described in Yealink W70B IP DECT Phone Administrator Guide V85.40.pdf at page 120.

In the webbased backend I found this
[Image: Screenshot 2023-04-13 164315.jpg]

I insert *11 or #11 into the On/Off Code fields, but it is not working.

I know that it is possible to use the handsets GUI for configuring the Forward features. [OK]+[Call Features]+[Call Forward...]
This works as expected, but me and the other users are used to use the keypad...

Can anyone give me a hint, how to adapt the configuration or the keypad sequence for the W70B Base to get it to work?