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Teams A20 with CPT18 does not support WiFi6?? - - 08-08-2022 11:33 PM

Opened support ticket because my touch panel (CPT18) does not work with WiFi after upgrading APs to WiFi6. The A20 Soundbar connects fine, just not touch panel. I was told by support that the CPT18 doesn't support WiFi6 and to just use ethernet. I have no ethernet ran to conference room, have to use WiFi. Their suggestion is to downgrade WiFi......

Three questions/comments....
- I don't see WiFi6 listed as not supported anywhere, this should be posted somewhere with product so people know not to buy if you are using WiFi6 APs.
- I have WiFi4,5 devices connected on Infrastructure and working fine, this is the only device on my network that won't connect, period...
- A solution to just "downgrade WiFi" is not a solution.

I've been blown off by support. I do not appreciate this approach. I will be reaching out to my VAR for alternative products, but wanted to make sure everyone was aware of this limitation if they are considering your products.