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No Yeaklink support? Ticket pages broken - ColinIsHere - 06-12-2021 02:36 AM

Is this the only way to get support for Yeaklink phones? The email address generates an autoresponse that the email address is not monitored and to use the ticket page for support They also give a link to create an account. However, even after creating that account and trying to access the support page, I still just get a 403 access forbidden error every time. How can a company charge hundreds of dollars per phone and then not provide support to its customers? This seems like just inconceivably horrible support. Or am I missing something and doing something wrong?

Here's the auto-response email I received with links and instructions that don't work:

Dear Yealink customer,

Please kindly notice this support mailbox is no longer in service for technical issues, from now on this mailbox is for ticket status checking only.

Please raise your issue or question in our professional ticket system ( to get a quick response.

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