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T41P BLF not working - steven.kst - 08-11-2015 10:56 PM


i just bought 2 T41P's but i can't seem to get the BLF leds to get to work
i have a hosted pbx (3 inbound channels, 1 outbound).
currently only those 2 phones are connected (extention 100 and 101)
below the settings
[Image: img1.png]

apart from this i also enabled :
features -> call pickup -> visual alert for blf pickup

account settings
[Image: img2.png]
(just replace 100 by 101 for the second phone

any other settings that i still need to change to get this to work?
for the moment no lights are lighting up...

RE: T41P BLF not working - Yealink_Michael - 08-12-2015 03:56 PM


please try to upgrade the T41 to the newest firmware, firmware download link:

then set the phone to factory ,and test again

if all the above solution can't solve your issue, please provide us the trace file for future analysis,trace file including pcap file, config bin and syslog file , for how to get them , please refer to the FAQ below:

please send the trace file to . then we will follow up .