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Failed registration, factory reset - unionstrategies - 07-20-2015 11:48 PM


One of our phones stopped receiving and sending calls
When I tried to check it the registration state was: registration failed
I checked all credentials and re-entered them, but it wasn`t registering
It was working fine one day ago and suddenly it stopped.
Only after factory reset and re-configuring the phone, it started to register again.
The user swears that he didn`t touch it Dodgy
And now I`m curious why it happened Huh
Any one have any ideas?Undecided

RE: Failed registration, factory reset - Yealink_Michael - 07-21-2015 05:36 AM


normally , this kind of situation happened when something wrong was happened to the network or the sip server and then the mistake solved quickly by itself.

you can try to adjust the following parameters to see whether it take effect.

1. Account -- Register -- Server Expires turn to 30
2. Account -- Advanced -- Keep Alive Interval(Seconds) turn to 30
3. Account -- Advanced -- SIP Registration Retry Timer(0~1800s) turn to 30

all the above parameter can be found on the last firmware , firmware download link :

click according to the corresponding model

a factory reset after upgrade is needed.

if the issue still exist , then we need trace file for future analysis , please send them to

trace file including pcap file, config bin and syslog file , for how to get them , please refer to the FAQ below: