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BLF T26P yeahlink not working - drvirus - 06-03-2015 07:17 PM

Hi ,
i have configured phone T26P with last version of firmware (

i enabled call pickup
enabled BLF exactly as in google and docs
i added extention and value the same and account 1 which is registered with .

always the led are off , i dont know why ?!

in asterisk i do core show hints ...i see wtachers there and i suppose it ok working on that phone

but still nothing on the phone
all leds are off

i reste it many times...always samne issue
im using asterisk 11.3

plz plz plz inform me what things needed to review to troubleshoot this problem ?

also i have in asterisk log warning as below not sure if it is helpful :

[2015-06-03 15:46:32] WARNING[30716][C-00000026]: func_presencestate.c:132 presence_read: PRESENCE_STATE unknown

hope to help me ASAP

RE: BLF T26P yeahlink not working - James_Yealink - 06-04-2015 03:28 AM

Hi, can you send us phone config.bin file?
It can be exported under setting-> configuration-> export configuration.