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T20P request IP address after Static IP config - Dave Clements - 11-22-2014 10:34 AM

We have 5 T20P phones and I am having a problem configuring one of them. I am fairly new to our phone system and am still trying to figure some things out.

I am trying to manually add the IP address etc. after a factory reset. The firmware level is

Step 1

Menu - Settings - Advanced (PW) - Network - Wan Port

IP Mode = IPv4
IP address
Subnet Mask
Default Gateway

With the exception of the IP address all the other values are the same on other phones

Press OK - responds Saving .... Please wait

When I check Static IP has * at side

Step 2

Select Reboot - responds Warning Reboot?

Press OK

Responds - Please Wait
Initializing ... Please Wait
Obtaining IP Address ... Please Wait
Network Unavailable

Step 3

Press OK 1: IP Address displays as
Press Down 2: Mac (is correct)
3: Firmware level (is correct)
4: More

Press OK IP,
Wan type - Static IP

Down Wan IP, Mask, Gateway are
Pri and Sec DNS are blank

If I repeat Step 1 all the values I see are exactly as I entered them.

The default gateway does provide DHCP services to devices requesting them but it seems to me the T20P in question should not be requesting an IP address.

Any ideas?

RE: T20P request IP address after Static IP config - harun_91 - 11-26-2014 10:30 PM

The static IP address that you are trying to write in, might be used by another machine (device). Try a different IP address, if that does not work, check your DHCP (pool) configuration. The pool might be full or you are using something out of the boundaries.

RE: T20P request IP address after Static IP config - Lucas1 - 12-01-2014 06:25 PM

Hi Clements,

This is a yealink technical support.Nice you contact you.
If you set DHCP ,your phone will get IP normal ?Please write down all parameter.
Then please try to set parameter that you write down in static IP process , and try again.
If all not OK, maybe VLAN or LDAP issue,so please check these configuration.

If all no OK,could you please upgrade to latest firmware and try again??