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Blind Transfer - tsukraw - 03-07-2014 06:12 AM

Im having difficulties getting transfer setup the way we would like.
What we want is if a call comes in the user presses transfer XXX send. As soon as they do that the call is transferred and disconnected from the person who answered. Currently the call seems to be a attended transfer until the handset it placed on hook.

Is there a way to do blind transfer off hook?

Phones are T46-T48G phones.
3CX V12sp3
thank you.

What we are really looking for is a way to setup a transfer to VM button with 3CX.
Currently the user has to press Transfer + *4XXX + SEND + transfer.

The users are correct that is to many buttons compared to a other systems that allow for just XferVM + Extension. So we are looking for a way to transfer + extension and done...
A pre-pend to a transfer button would be nice so they could press this Transfer button which prepended *4 then the extension.

RE: Blind Transfer - CWR - 03-07-2014 01:31 PM

The 3cx xfer to vm would be nice... And since yealink is a partner I would hope this could be accomplished between the 2 parties... (On all models including t38)

RE: Blind Transfer - IP PBX_Support - 03-07-2014 03:29 PM


Have you tried these steps for a blind transfer on the SIP-T48G:

1. Answer call
2. Press transfer (softkey) (not the hard key) (caller is now on hold)
3. From the new dialtone, dial the new extension (nothing else)
4. Press the transfer (softkey)

The caller is now blindly transferred.

If you want 'warm' transfer

1. Answer the call
2. Press the transfer softkey
3. Dial the extension number and press the SEND key
4. The party answers
5. Press the transfer softkey (or) cancel to re-take the original call

I hope this helps.

RE: Blind Transfer - Windsor - 08-25-2014 07:26 AM

We have a T38G - Hardware with firmware and an EXP39 Extension LED module. Using 3CX v12 SP 6.
Is there a way to configure the Extension LED module so that pressing the extension button performs a blind transfer. It is possible to do a blind transfer using the 3CX software by dragging the call to the extension. However, using the EXP39 it puts the current caller on hold pending the transferee picking up their extension and if reception picks up another call then the extension stops ringing and the caller has to wait on hold until the second call is dealt with before the operator realises the caller is left on hold - and then has to pick it back up, apologise and then the transfer can be effected..... assuming another call is not coming in at the same time!

Appreciate any pointers or if there is a support business in Wellington NZ area who could help.

RE: Blind Transfer - Yealink Support - 08-25-2014 09:30 AM

Hi Windsor,

1. About first question, Do you mean you want to set the Line key to do blind transfer ?
If yes, you can configurate it via the web GUI-> DSS key->line key tab.
select transfer in the line key type list field.
click confirm to accept the change.

2. About second question, I can't understand what you mean. Could you please describe your operations and scenario more detailed?

thanks in advance

RE: Blind Transfer - Windsor - 08-26-2014 04:28 AM

Thanks for your prompt support.
We want to use the expansion module keys to effect the blind transfer. See screen shot of the configuration we have for the expansion module - all set up as BLF - so we can see the extensions that are off hook.


When we press the expansion module extension buttons we do not want callers left on hold after the operator thinks that they have transferred them.
This happens when after having hit the expansion extension button to transfer the caller to an extension a subsequent call comes in and is picked up by the operator before the first transfer is picked up. We want the first call transferred to the extension (not left on hold as happens now). I understand that this is termed a "blind" transfer How can we configure this behaviour?

RE: Blind Transfer - Windsor - 08-28-2014 08:49 AM

To clarify, my only question is this:

Is there a way to configure the Extension LED module so that pressing the extension button performs a blind transfer?

The screen shot in the posting above shows how the Extension LED module is currently configured. Using this configuration:

1. We receive caller 1 and the operator picks it up
2. The operator presses an extension button (on the extension LED module) to effect the transfer - it is not picked up immediately by the extension
3. A 2nd call comes in and the operator answers. Now, the first call is placed on hold and the extension for the first transfer stops ringing
4. The operator deals with the 2nd caller, transferring it again by pressing an extension (on the extension LED module) and it goes through
5. The first caller is still on hold :-( The operator needs to get them back off hold and re-transfer them.

We really want caller 1 to be transferred without being put on hold when the LED extension module button is pressed - this is what I understand to be a "blind" transfer.

RE: Blind Transfer - Windsor - 08-29-2014 05:22 AM

I didn't spell out our transfer settings under Phone->Features -

Blind Transfer


Is there any business that can support us in New Zealand?

RE: Blind Transfer - Wilson_Yealink - 08-29-2014 02:29 PM

Hi Windsor,
I have tested your scenario in the T38 with EXP39 step by step, but i didn't meet your issue. My firmware version also is Maybe I miss something.
I will describe my operations as detailed as possible.
1.A call B, B pick up the call.
2.B presses an extension button (on the extension LED module) to effect the transfer to C, and C ringing but didn't pick up.
3.The 2nd call comes from D to B, B pick up the call.
4.B presses an extension button (on the extension LED module) to effect the transfer to E, and E pick up the call.
If C pick up the call, A establish call with C. D establish call with E. Hope you can understand my describe.

If your scenario is not the same to mine. could you please export the config.bin file and send it to me? I will import your config.bin file to my phone and test this issue.
About how to do it, please refer to this FAQ. >>[FAQ] How to Get the Correct Syslog, Config.bin and Trace <<
Kindly if you can reproduce your operations and make a short video for understanding your problem and send to us if you are convenience.

thanks in advance

RE: Blind Transfer - Windsor - 09-01-2014 04:23 AM

The scenario you describe is correct. Except the issue we face is that A is put on hold when the operator lifts the hook again to answer the call from D - so the transfer from B to C is never effected - it stops ringing on C's extension when the operator (B) picks up caller D and C is no longer able to pick up the transfer or aware that there is a caller on hold for them. The operator (B) transfers caller D to E's extension ok but then has to retrieve caller A from hold before re-transferring to C.

I have attached our config.bin file.

Really appreciate your support to resolve this long outstanding issue - which has caused great criticism and complaint of our phone system internally.