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Multi-Line Phones, Line Type and Receiving Simultaneous Calls - kmccracken - 02-25-2016 02:43 AM

Phone Switch: Asterisk 11
Phone Models: T46G, T48G
Issue: When using all 6 accounts with the same credentials, several of the lines get stuck in a 'registering' state. As a result, calls to the phone would sometimes fail (depending on if the call would come in on an account that was registered properly or still in that stuck state).

In the past (and on older firmware versions), I would assign all six accounts to use the same login credentials. This worked just fine & the user could make/receive multiple calls at once. Life was good.

I'm not sure why it used to work and now it doesn't. I'm still using the exact same Asterisk box. Perhaps there was a change in firmware default settings and I'm not setting an appropriate value for my current configuration. Regardless, it worked in the past and now does not. The problem started manifesting itself in the last couple of firmware versions.

In the forums, I found reference to setting accounts 2-6 to be of a "Line" type. I'm using http file provisioning, so as an example of extension 111 (repeated for lines 3-6), I set them to:
linekey.2.label = 111
linekey.2.line = 1
linekey.2.type = 15

This got all of the icons on the phone to appear normal (green). On the web interface of the phone, status page, it now shows that there is only one registered line (line 1). But on the physical phone, lines 2-6 do show up as green phone icons. I can select any of the 6 line buttons on the phone and make a call. Life would appear to be good again. However, now if the user is on a phone call and an additional phone calls comes in, I get the unavailable status reported back from the phone, instead of an additional line ringing as it used to do.

Is there a setting that can be made to enable ringing on those extra lines (lines 2-6)?

RE: Multi-Line Phones, Line Type and Receiving Simultaneous Calls - Karl_Yealink - 02-25-2016 05:54 AM

Please tell me the firmware of the phones now, and the older firmware?

And how many phones do you have?

Generally phone will receive second call. Can you please check the call waiting setting in phone and server.