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MULTICAST re-register now command ? - dlmc - 02-20-2014 11:12 PM

What mechanisms are there to instruct a fleet (multiple) handsets to immediately perform a REGISTER operation on all configured lines ?

Specifically even when the phone thinks it is registered already and has maybe upto 1 hour left on the expiry timer.

Looking a list of suggestions and pointers to the page number in relevant documentation.

Maybe we can hit the HTTP web interface of all handsets ?? but what do we send ??

Maybe we can send a MULTICAST (or BROADCAST) message to the LAN ??

See also my other wishlist posting (requesting that if a user holds down a line key, there is an option to force an unregister and then re-register operation). At the moment one of the multifunction buttons has nothing set, there is:

F1: Back
F2: <empty>
F3: Switch
F4: Save

Even when pressing SAVE if the phone is already registered and no setting was changed, it does not attempt to perform an immediate REGISTER.

The only way around is to power cycle the phone!

RE: MULTICAST re-register now command ? - Yealink Support - 02-27-2014 11:02 AM

Hi dlmc ,

Sorry for the late reply.

Please enter webpage->Account->Register, Server Expires is 3600 in default, please change it shorter that this account will re-register to sip server more frequently.

Meanwhile, please consider the accounts in your server that the shorter time will increase the workload of server.

RE: MULTICAST re-register now command ? - dlmc - 11-12-2014 11:42 PM

Thanks for the reply.

Shortening the REGISTRATION EXPIRE timer does not achieve the result of requiring an immediate re-registration that is server initiated.
Thanks however for your suggestion, I was aware of the feature to lowering the registration expiry, but even at 5 minutes (300 seconds) still does not achieve the goal required.