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Full Version: Auto provision T20P text logo
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I am using 3CX system and have installed many T20P phones.
I want to auto provision TEXT LOGO.
Default is "Yealink"
how do i do this?
pls help.


Hi Sanket,
You can use below parameter:
phone_setting.lcd_logo.text =
(09-25-2013 02:40 PM)Yealink Support Wrote: [ -> ]Hi Sanket,
You can use below parameter:
phone_setting.lcd_logo.text =

I went into 3CX > Settings > Phone Provisioning
Selected Yealink T20
and made following changes

#Configure the logo mode of the LCD screen; 0-Disabled (default), 1-System logo, 2-Custom logo;
phone_setting.lcd_logo.mode = 2
phone_setting.lcd_logo.text = Sanket

also tried
phone_setting.lcd_logo.text = "Sanket India"

Saved template.
and refreshed provisioning template as well restarted yealink phone.
but extension does not show new text name.

am i doing anything wrong?
Hi Sanket,
Sorry T20 is some special.
Please upgrade to our latest firmware, and try again:
Here i tried:

phone_setting.lcd_logo.mode = 1
phone_setting.lcd_logo.text = LOGO
And it works. Could you try again? Thanks.
i upgraded firmware of T20P as you said.
Still its not able to push to text logo.

I have attached screen shot for the same.

waiting for reply or solution Sad

still no reply Sad
(10-21-2013 05:11 PM)sanketgroup Wrote: [ -> ]still no reply Sad

I'm having a similar issue, and when I auto provison it says "update skipped" which I think might be my problem, are you experiencing the same by any chance?
Hi all,

Could you set "phone_setting.lcd_logo.mode = 1" and try again?
thanx, now its working. but have issue.
when caller id is displayed, it combines "Called ID Name" and Text Logo (with scroll effect if its long)

For eg. Logo text is set to: "ABCDEF"
and incoming caller id is: "PQRST" then phone shows " PQRST ABCDEF"
in previous firmware this was not happening i guess
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