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Full Version: Auto provision T20P text logo
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no reply????
Hi sanketgroup,

Sorry for the late reply. I test your issue in my T2OP with and can't reproduce your issue.
Do you use the same version as mine?
Do you use the logo text as " ABCDEF" or others?
Do you have other special settings?
Version is same:
when phone is on standby: it just shows "ABCDEF"
but when there is incoming call it shows "CID NAME ABCDEF"
i have not set any other special settings..
Hi sanketgroup,

How about the latest version
which PBX do you use?
i have not tried with 9.71.0165
i am using latest 3CX
Hi sanketgroup,

Can you send your config.bin to me? Then i can try in my office.
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