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Full Version: Yealink W52P ResetBase -> UserAgent Empty
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I'm testing auto-provisioned phone Yealink w52p.

When I do the factory reset the device loses its user agent and as a result I can not make it compatible with my application.

I also noticed that during auto-provisioning does not install the firmware retrieves settings that I previously exported from the device.

The firmware that I have tested are:


If you install the firmware manually the device recovers its UserAgent and it works, but if you change firmware.

I await your feed as soon as possible.
Hi Antonio,
We fixed user agent empty issue in the below firmware:
Any test result please let us know, thanks.
I just tested the auto-provisioning, now the firmware updates from preprovisioning but the user agent of the device is still empty.

I await your feed as soon as possible.
Hi Antonio,
Please try to reset to factory default.
the step of preprovisioning is complete.

I have found another bug on the first priovisioning when I give him the path to the
remote address book (. php formatted as xml) the message "Connect Error!"

The device does not make the connection http / https, it loads the local directory but not the remote address book.

I also noticed that if you go on dispositvo by webapplication and someone manually provisioning, device charging both headings.

I urgency to resolving this unfortunate problem.
Load the local directory and remote address book on the first provisioning.

I await your feed
Hi Anton,
I tried it and works well.
Please check my cfg file and xml file as the attachment.
The remote phonebook should be .xml format.
Please have a try and let me know the result.
Dear Yealink,

I checked out, the stage of auto-provisioning charge the remote address book without problems, but after the first provisioning on my server gives me error.

Please check as soon as possible.
I await your feed
Hi Anton,
Please upgrade to our latest firmware
I checked at my side, and this firmware works well.

I just checked, it is not a problem UserAgent.

The problem that occurs in the access to the remote address book after the first provisioning.

The stage of auto-provisioning is OK, load all the sections, remote and local phonebook.

Subsequent to 'auto-provisioning with provisioning when it's the first all account data, the remote address book does not work. "Connect Error!"

- LOAD ALL on auto-provisioning
- NO LOAD on provisioning

File: y000000000025.cfg


auto_provision.pnp_enable = 0
auto_provision.mode = 1
auto_provision.repeat.enable = 1
auto_provision.repeat.minutes = 1
auto_provision.weekly.enable = 1
#auto_provision.weekly.mask = 0123456
#auto_provision.weekly.begin_time = 00:00
#auto_provision.weekly.end_time = 00:00
auto_provision.weekly.mask =
auto_provision.weekly.begin_time =
auto_provision.weekly.end_time =
auto_provision.server.url = http://localhost/yealink/
auto_provision.pnp_domain_name =
auto_provision.pnp_event_vendor =
auto_provision.common_file_name =
auto_provision.server.username =
auto_provision.server.password =
auto_provision.dhcp_option.enable = 0
auto_provision.dhcp_option.option60_value = 60
auto_provision.dhcp_option.list_user_options = =
auto_provision.aes_key_16.mac = = http://localhost/yealink/dinamic/rubricaRemota.php = RubricaRemota
directory.update_time_interval = 1440

Please check as soon as possible.
I await your feed
I enclose current Syslog.

look for the current url:

1) Auto-Provisioning Read remote address book.
2) Provisioning step does not read the remote address book, "Connect Error!"
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