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Full Version: Initializing Data "Beepoop Beep Beep"
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I have about 10 Yealink w52p Handsets in 2 Base-Stations each station has its own Repeater. the phones are really not that far away from the Repeaters or the Bases.

Every once in a while the phones make the Beep sound like when you first connect them to a Base-Station and they start saying "Initializing Data" It is driving my client crazy. Is this happening because they are disconnecting or because they are just re-provisioning over and over?

Any advice on what seems to be going on?

Base-Station Firmware:
Handset Firmware:

for this issue, please check whether there are some overlap area between the two base ? and have you ever register a handset to two bases ?

if yes, it may be that the handset is going into the area of the other base and it re-register again.

you can disable the account in another base and test again .

also , i have found that the base firmware is not the newest, please download it from below link :

after upgrade ,please do a factory reset

if all the above solution can't solve your issue, please provide us the trace file for future analysis,trace file including pcap file, config bin and syslog file , and we need three of them provide at one time.

for how to get them , please refer to the FAQ below:

send the trace files to

let me know if any question

Perfect Thank you I will try the update.

They might over lap bit but, the phones are only connected to there corresponding Base. I have 10 phones, 5 on one base and 5 on the other. I don't have any phones on 2 bases just one.

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