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Full Version: BLF Ringing overwrites Talking
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we have multiple T48G in use.
If one user is talking on his phone we can see the talking status on the BLF. But ifanother call is coming in and his phone rings we are not able to see the talking status anymore instead we can only see the ringing status.

Is it possible to change this behavior so that we can always see if anyone is talking?
The BLF-LED-Mode setting does not change anything, wheter I set it to 0 or to 4.

Dear User,

Firstly, the BLF-LED-Mode is not applicable to T48G/t48S because they don't have the hardware linekey.

Also I not very clear about the scenario that you are talking about, do you mean something like below?

1. You set a BLF to monitor A on the phone.
2. When A is talking you can see A's talking status.
3. B is Calling A when A is still on talking, then you see A's status is ringing, not talking, am I right?

If this is the case, then I don't see anything wrong, the status of A is correct all the time.
Please correct me if any misunderstanding.

Kind Regards
Samuel Wang
We have the folliwng scenario:
Users A and B at Office 1
User C at Office 2

User A has BLF for User B+C
User B has BLF for User A+C
User C has BLF for User A+B

When A is talking User B+C can see this on the BLF
Now someone is calling from outside, all phone are ringing.
So on all BLFs there is the status 'ringing'.

Now User C cannot not know if User B is talking too. So he does not know if he should answer this call, because primary Users A+B should answer the phone calls and C should answer the calls extraordinarily.

So maybe the title is a bit confusing. My question is if it is possible to disable the ringing status so that you can always see if someone is talking.

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