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Full Version: T23G and CP860 manual time issue
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I have a problem that i can't set manual time setting on T23G .
I set local_time.manual_time_enable = 1 in provisioining config file, but it still looks like "disabled" in WEB and phone Menu.
Also I tried to set I set auto_provision.custom.protect = 1 and setup Manual time via WEB and phone Menu but it lose settings after reboot.
I had the same issue with T21E P and i know that they don't have clock chip. Do T23G have clock chip and ability to set and keep manual time?

Similar problem on CP860. I set manual manual_time_enable = 1 on CP860 and phone keeps value "enable" but lose date and time after reboot
Do CP860 have clock chip and ability to set and keep manual time?

Dear Dmitry,

No, all of T23G, T21 E2 and Cp860 are do not have the clock chip, so when you configure the manual time, include the setting: local_time.manual_time_enable = 1, after the phone reboot, it will lose the configuration.

The parameter make no effect to this problem:auto_provision.custom.protect = 1

Best Regards,
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