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Full Version: T46G - Disable Line Key Configuration ?
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From User Guide:
Quote:When the phone is idle, you can also long press the line key to configure it directly on the

Is it possible to disable this enduser's chance to break predefined settings?
Hi timalex,

Sorry to tell you it can't be disabled. May i know why do you need this feature?

(06-24-2014 03:32 PM)Yealink Support Wrote: [ -> ]Sorry to tell you it can't be disabled. May i know why do you need this feature?

Thanks for asking. Cause we don't want Mr. Murphy to change configuration of the phones, whether on purpose or accidentally. Big Grin
Some keys are predefined by it dep and should not be changed, to keep a consistent key layout in the entire company (e.g. "Redirection to Voice Mail" setup as BLF key).
Hi timalex,

Thanks for your explain.
As we know, even though we limit that long press line key can't change the configuration, users also can change it via web user interface or phone user interface. Hope you can uderstand.

Sincerely thanks for your support to Yealink product!
Best regards!
Yealink support team!
Certainly we disable the Menu key and don't permit use of web interface.

We also need this feature since we do not want anybody in the company (or even in a public area) to be able to monitor directors lines by simply pressing a button.

Of course we will also disable it from the menu and we wiil prevent web access to users.

Can you provide this essential feature?

You can try configuring user access level. Please get the guide by this link:
Thanks for your answer.

But, I can not download the file.
file is 0 bytes...
Please go to this page and seacrh key word "access_level" to download it.
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