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Full Version: T46G no DHCPv6 RENEW after Reboot if phone stays in same network
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We are currently introducing IPv6 for our customers. Due to technical circumstances, we are required to use IPv6 DHCP and not stateless autoconfig.

When a T46G is booted up for the very first time, it does a DHCPv6 SOLICIT and keeps on renegotiating the IPv6 address As soon as the phone (set to DHCPv6) is rebooted once, it sticks with the IP-address it had and justs sends a CONFIRM/REPLY on boot However, even if the lease time expires, it will never send a RENEW or Solicit again (as it does when it’s still ‘unbooted’… ) (The CONFIRM/REPLY on boot-up is the only DHCPv6 packet send as long as the phone is turned on)

So you might be lucky if the config it gets from the DHCP-Server is valid but if it’s not you’re stuck until you put the phone into another network, because then, the REPLY to the CONFIRM packet will be negative and the phone will change to the new IP address. (then things work correctly until next reboot)

(Also disabling IPv6 or resetting the phone to factory defaults will not change the problem. It has to be moved to another network. And then the problem does not occur until next reboot) However, we will need to pass DHCP options to the phone and as a result this behavior can be very painful

That issue seems a misbehavior. What is the timeline for it to be fixed?
If you want to change the implement method, please ask your distributor for help. They will help to submit this new request to the corresponding technical specialist.
Thanks we will consider this option! You'll hear from our distributor...

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