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Full Version: dhcp option 60 seems not to working
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Hi everybody!

recenlty I have modified the configuration of my dhcp server (windows server 2008 R2) to change the vlan throw the option 60 only for particulars devices t

by our networks we created a dedicate vlan for the voip (vlan 2).. the swiches are configured to work the hybrid port.. the defaut vlan in untagged the vlan 2 is tagged... when i manually change the vlan i settings on the phone the phone reached the voip network and than it get the provisioning from the pbx...

what i would like to get is.. when i connected to the network the phone this will contact the default dhcp server (windows) than this server will give the istruction to use the vlan 2 and then the phone will be autoprovisioning without user action..

I have setup this settings for other phones of other brand and this works very well... but I've got problem with the yealink phone.... it does't work... I've used wireshark to capture the vendor id of yealink phone... i get "yealink"....
it is correct this?
can you help me please?
Yealink phone can obtain the VLAN ID via the LLDP/CDP or Manual or DHCP VLAN.
And the priority of each method is: LLDP/CDP>Manual>DHCP VLAN.

Yealink phone use option 132 of DHCP to obtain the VLAN ID, you need to change to option 60.
You can configure it from the web interface->network->advanced->DHCP VLAN->Option (1-255)

There is also a syntax you need to configure.
Enables or disables the IP phone to obtain VLAN ID using lower priority of VLAN
assignment method or disable VLAN feature when the IP phone cannot obtain
VLAN ID using the current VLAN assignment method.
The priority of each method is: LLDP/CDP>Manual>DHCP VLAN.
If it is set to 1 (Enabled), the IP phone will attempt to use the lower priority of VLAN
assignment method when failing to obtain the VLAN ID using higher priority of VLAN
assignment method. If all the methods are attempted, the phone will disable VLAN
Note: If you change this parameter, the IP phone will reboot to make the change
take effect.
After that, WDS Server will add DHCP option 60 to the packets sent to PXE ... There is no need to configure DHCP option 60 on DHCP server.

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