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Full Version: Auto-Provision CP860 3CX V12
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I would like to be able to auto-provision the CP860 from the extension setting in 3CX but when I click the Yealink dropdown, the CP860 is not listed.

How can I get the CP860 to show up, auto-provision and use 3CX to upgrade the firmware, reboot phones etc?

Thanks in advance for any assistance with this.
Do you have send the same issue to our support email box. We had gave you respond via the email. Please check.
Is this issue resolved? I'm having the same issue, the CP860 is not listed in 3CX v14.
I solved this "problem" in V14.

You have to add a provision template for the CP860.

Therfor I modified an template for T46G.
In the "models" xml-element you need to add the CP860:
  <model ua="SIP-T46G">Yealink T46</model>
  <model ua="SIP-T48G">Yealink T48</model>
  <model ua="CP860">Yealink CP860</model>
  <model ua="SIP-W52P">Yealink W52P</model>
Second in "filename" xml-element you you need to add the common file of the CP860 phone:
  <model name="Yealink W52P" filename="y000000000025.cfg" />
  <model name="Yealink T46" filename="y000000000028.cfg" />
  <model name="Yealink T48" filename="y000000000035.cfg" />
  <model name="Yealink CP860" filename="y000000000037.cfg" />

Thats it. Save the template. You may need to check documentation of provisioning of the CP860. Not everything is possible.
I have just used the T19P E2 template, as the phone is essentially a T19P E2 with a better speaker. (Same control interface).

It doesn't allow for firware upgrading etc, but its least an inbuilt template.
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