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Full Version: T23G and YHS32 Headset Issues
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Hi All

We have ongoing issues with about 20 T23G phones and the YHS32 headsets (matched to 3CX pbx). Issues that we are experiencing:

- headsets simply stop working with the phones.
- we get one way voice via headset randomly.
- moving headset from phone to phone sometimes brings them back to life (after a few minutes).
- rebooting phones makes no difference.

No issues with using the phones and standard handset calling. Phones are a mix of to firmware.

Any help please, as it is driving our staff crazy!


For this issue,I have some questions need you help me confirm,as below: often does this issue occur?do all the headsets have this issue?and which side can not hear the voice? you mean switch the headset will fix this issue for a few minutes? such as plug the headset of phone A to phone B,it will work well for a few minutes?if yes,please tell me it will work about how much time?

3.did you erver reset the phone? if not,please have a try.

please let me know,thank you.

so,to better fix this issue,Please send the level 6 system log, config.bin file and PCAP traces to

About how to get these files, please refer to this FAQ:



In answer to the questions:

1. The issue is intermittent and all the headsets appear to have this issue (we have swapped with numerous phones and they may work on one phone for a short time before failing, we then swap back to another phone and the may work for a short time). Sometimes headsets fail permanently.
2. Yes, switching phones may fix the headset for a short time, however some headsets simply dont work again once they have failed.
3. We have factory reset several phones to test and this makes no difference.

I will capture the log, bin and traces and send to the support email.

Did you ever get this resolved? I too am having issues with the T23G and YHS32 headset on 3CX. This exact same issue.

Thank you,
I am also having the same issue, not all sets. same models. This just started happening after about 2 years of use. I changed T23G sets, started happening again after about a day. I am also on 3CX PBX, v 14SP3.

Firmware is
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