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A huge number of suggestions
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RE: A huge number of suggestions
(11-21-2012 04:05 PM)Mauro Wrote:  Hello!

I'm Mauro, from Italy.

This time I will mention a huge number of suggestions in a single thread, due to the fact it's a "recap" of things I already suggested by email in the past months (note: at the end, there is a "new" question).

I hope there are not too many layout errors in this post... I had to convert it from HTML (original emails) to BBcode (I don't know the exact engine that this forum is using) using a conversion tool, and then apply a number of manual fixes to the markup.

1) Problem: in T20 phones, in the phone call lists, if a name is available, only the name is shown, and NOT the number. If you want to re-dial it, you cannot see the number you will call. The only workaround, at the moment, it to press the address book button and scroll down, read the number and then go back... but it's not intuitive. I think some other way to see the number would be good (having it selected for some seconds maybe?). I'd like to have this feature for my users.

1.1) Related to the above, also the ability to EDIT one of those numbers before calling it (e.g. to add an initial "0" to make an external call) would be useful. I would suggest to open a menu when pressing the OK key (like it happens on T22) from the call lists, allowing to read (and possibly edit) the number, instead of immediately dialling like T20 does now.

2) When you press the "OK" key from standby, you can access various infos about the phone and the account, but your own "internal phone number(s)" is not shown (account name(s) is shown in the account section, but the number(s) not). I think that could be added (this may apply to all phones... but well, some models already show your number in another other place, see 2.1).

2.1) Related to the above, in addition or alternatively: in T22, when you begin typing a number, your own internal number is actually shown in the upper part of the screen. I suppose a similar thing may be applied in T20, too, simply in the place of the current "Dial:" text. I don't know how long your internal number may be... but if using standard 3 or 4 digits internal numbers, it would not cause problems!

3) Some little fixes that may be applied to the Italian translation of the menu. I specify the model where I noticed them, but cannot guarantee no other models are affected:
- (Checked on T20) - "Abilità" word should be "Abilita" (without the final accent, because Abilita=Enable and Abilità=Skill). It appears in various menus... for example, in the "always forward" menu (where there is also a "1.Always :" shown that has not been translated: in Italian it should be "1.Sempre :").
- (Checked on T22) - After you place a call in "hold" mode, the display shows "Sospendi" next to the "pause" icon. But "sospendi" seems to be a "suspend" command... it should display "Sospesa" (meaning "Suspended") or "In attesa" ("On hold"), or simply "Attesa" ("Hold").
- Noticed using Italian translation of the T20 phones (well, this time it is not a wrong word... so it may affect other languages or phones, too... I don't know). Simply, when you have placed a call in hold, the display says Attesa "". Attesa is the right word, but what is not expected are the quotation marks after that word. Why are those " " there?
- Italian translation of the web interface this time: in the "Rete --> Avanzato" (Network --> Advanced) page, the "Local RTP Port" note on the right should be dubbed as "Porta RTP Locale" (just like the corresponding option on the left). The "Packet interval" option at the beginning of the page is not translated into Italian.

4) In T22 (but this may apply to other models, too, I don't know), when you have one or three active calls, you can "hold" them, but when you have TWO active calls, you can only "SWAP" them (invert... switch from one to the other), you cannot place both two on hold. I prefer like it works in T20, where pressing the "hold" button on the active call places both calls in wait. The only way (workaround?) I found to put both calls in "hold" is to press the third line key (like if I wanted to make a third call, although I don't want that) and then "abort/cancel" that third call (this way, I will find both original calls in "hold" mode).
Going deeper into this:
In the web interface of T22, in the "Phone" --> "Softkey Layout" screen, it is possible to customize the four softkeys in various situations called "call states" (of course, you know it)... as you can see there, there is a "call state" for "On talk" (that defaults to Transfer, HOLD, Conference, Cancel), one for "Conferenced" (that defaults to Empty, HOLD, Split, Cancel), etc... but the case of two calls seems to not be in the list. Would it be possible to add a "call state" for the case you have two active calls, giving the ability to select if one wants the ability to "SWAP" or to "HOLD"? I would propose "hold" by default, but it's your choice... Of course, I would need to be able to set that through autoprovisioning, then.
Note: alternatively (and probably simpler to implement), one might keep the "on call" state only, simply splitting the available "hold" option in "Hold/Swap" (that would work like T22 does now) and "Always hold" (that would work like T20 does, and what I would prefer)... just an idea.

By the way, in that "softkey layout" options, I notice they are available (but not assigned to any state) "Call Switch" and "SWAP" (this one is only available for the "On talk" call state) functions... what are they supposed to be? I can't find related infos in T22 user manual. One may guess that "Swap" may refer to the "SWAP" button I see on the LCD when I have two active calls, but it's not enabled from the web interface!

5) T20 phones are missing a nice feature that is available in T22, that allows to "silence" the ringer sound while it's ringing for the current call only (led continues flashing, but you hear no ring sound), without the need to change ring volume for all calls. Useful if you don't want to answer that specific call, but you don't want the caller know that you expressly declined it. It's a simple and nice feature, and I would like to find it in T20 phones, too. While the phone is ringing, many function keys are unused, so I think you may associate this "ring silently for now" thing to one of them.

6) Suggestion about phone's web interface. I noticed that the "Status" page does not show the phone model... it is shown by the browser in the login window, but after you're in the web interface, I cannot find it, and this is strange... one would expect to read it, at least next to its hardware and firmware versions.

7) About phone's web interface: there is a sort of error or warning popup that appears when entering the "Account" page of the web interface (noticed with a T22 with firmware.. but the same also happens on T20 with firmware... I imagine other phones may be affected)... a western user cannot understand what it says (it's in Chinese). Any ideas about it? According to google translate, it's about an "already existing" value... I don't know. I previously sent you a screenshot via email.

8) About web interface: in Italian language, tested with Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer on Windows XP. The accented letters (è, à, ò, ù..) are not shown correctly... in the "notes" on the right, they are shown as a "?", and without the following space. While used in the names of the options on the left, instead, accented letters look like two question mark symbols (and the space after them is shown). It's not an important issue, anyway, but I tell you anyway. (I previously sent screenshots of this via email).

9) A possible feature that would be very interesting, in my opinion: an exception list for the DND feature. I mean, when you enable "DND", at the moment noone is able to call you, not even the switchboard operator or your personal secretary... while it would be nice to have a "whitelist" to allow one or more specific numbers (up to 1? up to 3? Up to 5? Up to 10? Decide yourself) to call you anyway. After setting up the list, when one would enable the DND feature, he may select between "complete DND" and "DND with whitelist". That would be useful for every Yealink phone model (and it should be possible to setup the whitelist through LCD menu and autoprovisioning).
A such thing may be maybe offered by some PBXs (unfortunately, not ours, at the moment), using a DND feature of the PBX... but using the DND feature integrated on the phone would be better than using a DND through a PBX code, due to the visual feedback of the icon given by the phone feature.

9.1) Well, something similar may be useful also in case of call forwarding, but maybe a full whitelist may become too complicated there. Consider yourself. A thing I would suggest anyway, in case of forwarding, is to accept incoming calls from the number I have forwarded to. It would be useful for every Yealink phone, in my humble opinion.
Let me explain with an example: my number is 201, and I setup "always forward" to 206. When someone calls 201, the phone forwards to 206... even if 206 is who is calling me. It would be nice if 206 may be able to call me and to transfer me a call. E.g. I'm busy, so I set forwarding so my secretary takes my calls it's just an example, I don't have a secretary! :-) )... if she finds out there is someone really important on the phone, she should be allowed to call me and, if needed, transfer that call to me.
If you like, this behaviour may be turned on/off with an option somewhere (I would suggest to enable it by default).

10) And in the end, a new question... when I call another phone in our organization and it's not available, I see "Busy here" on the display (not translated into Italian)... is that a text built-in into the phones, or is a text that is sent by the PBX? In the first case, could you please localize it into Italian? If it's the second case, I will ask our PBX developer to localize it...

Hi Mauro, for the spelling mistake, I have forwarded the issue to my colleague.
11-27-2012 06:02 PM
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