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T20P: Exploring new habilities (hacking) - ruiseixas - 11-06-2013 06:46 AM


Maybe this isn't supposed to be done...

I have a 3rd sip number that I would like to add to my T20P, and this number will only receive calls. So I think if it's possible to change the config file in a way that it registers in the background that extra account intended only to receive calls!

[ account ]
Enable = 1
Label = SIP
DisplayName = user
UserName = user
AuthName = sip_user
password =
SIPServerHost =
SIPServerPort = 5060
SIPListenRandom = 0
SIPListenPort = 5060
Expire = 3600

In the config file I can't find where is the password, or if it's hashed where and how is hashed!

Another problem is the special characters that are viewed as NUL, I don't know if they are Chinese characters or encoded information.

Any way, if this isn't supposed to be done I understand!


RE: T20P: Exploring new habilities (hacking) - Yealink Support - 11-11-2013 11:10 AM

Hi ruiseixas,

It is a security feature that you should understand. Big Grin