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XML Remote Phonebook - madmax1234 - 09-29-2015 07:45 PM

Hello all together,

i have a little question to my T28P.

I configured a remote phonebook xml file.
The file itself is on a webserver.

I can access the xml file with the Yealink phone.

So far so good.

Ahh befor i forget, i am using the Yealink Phonebook Manager script.

So, if i now add an account to the phonebook file, the Yealink phone
does not update it.

Only if i reboot the phone the updated file shows up.

Hope some of you guys can give me some tips.


RE: XML Remote Phonebook - Yealink_Michael - 09-30-2015 06:13 AM

hi Max

thanks for your information

1. please make sure that the format of the XML file is correct after you modify it
2. for XML file , the T28 will download it every time you login it, so please download the XML file on the web browser to see if it can be download successfully. and if download successfully , please check if the downloaded file is updated or not
3. upgrade to the newest firmware of T28 and reset to factory , then test again , firmware download link :