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Obtaining the M2 template configuration files? - c1nco - 10-04-2013 10:43 PM

Hello I am trying to upgrade my t38g to v70 firmware, and in the upgrade manual it says I need:

"Obtaining the M2 template configuration files (y000000000038.cfg and MAC.cfg) from the Yealink FAE."

also where can I find:

"Yealink Configuration Conversion Tool." (i think i need to convert the M2 config files into M7 configs???)

I can't find these files anywhere, can someone help.

Or is there an easier way... I dont need to keep current configuration values.

Thank You.

RE: Obtaining the M2 template configuration files? - Yealink Support - 10-14-2013 04:46 PM

Hello c1nco,
Sorry for delay,last week is our Public holiday.
You can get the firmware from this link:
There are two ways to upgrade firmware.
If you want to upgrade only one phone, you can upgrade by web, please see the follow step:
1.Enter phone web user interface
2.Click Phone->Upgrade
3.Click Browser the firmware from local system
5.Click upgrade
(there are a picture in attachments)

If you want to upgrade several phones, you can upgrade by auto provision:
Follow the guide of upgrade manual.
The M2 template and M7 template have been attached.

Hope you upgrade successfully

RE: Obtaining the M2 template configuration files? - lacoursj - 10-04-2014 10:43 AM


I downloaded these M2/M7 template files, and they are identical. They also only have a single account provisioned, and I don't understand how to add additional. There is also no mention of the common config file. Is there a repository with the latest common and MAC config files for firmware

While I am at it... can you also supply a link to the latest OpenVPN template for The one I had been using for previous firmware seems to no longer work, and in the Syslog I notice that you have changed the openvpn directory path. I can't seem to find the right .cnf to make this work anymore, and that is a show stopper for this firmware rev.


RE: Obtaining the M2 template configuration files? - Wilson_Yealink - 10-10-2014 07:59 PM

Hi lacoursj ,

You can get the auto provision template and latest version( for T38 from below link:
Yealink T3XG Auto Provisioning_70.0

About the OpenVPN issue, do you mean you want the tar file of OpenVPN? Would you please refer to this FAQ and try to solve your issue firstly?
[FAQ]Frequently Asked Questions of OpenVPN