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Call Park - BLF - Retrieve - mbuch - 09-23-2015 01:40 AM

I am trying to park a call show the BLF and retrieve the call using the same button. The overrides I am using are:
linekey.2.pickup_value ="*55701"

The Call park is 701 and the pickup code (as supported by a dial translation) is *55701. The Call park and BLF works but when I try to retrieve the call the phone is trying to park it again. It never passes the *55701 just 701. Any ideas on what I am missing?

RE: Call Park - BLF - Retrieve - James_Yealink - 09-23-2015 02:11 AM


You can't use the same button to park/retrieve a call when the code for them is not same.
To some pbx server like freeswitch use a same park/retrieve code and you can configure a BLF to achieve it.