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Pickup with BLF - LPElocys - 09-22-2015 03:18 PM


On a T46G, is it possible to have on the same key BLF and Call Pickup ?

I see a call directed to my collegue because the BLF key is blinking. I want to pickup this call with a single key press on the BLF key. Or, I first press a "pickup key" then the blinking BLF key.
I have found no way to achieve this. How to do it ?



RE: Pickup with BLF - jcaruso - 09-22-2015 09:17 PM


You can set a call prefix pickup code in the Extension field on the DSS Key > Line Key pages.

For example, on FreePBX you would use **
When the BLF key is flashing and you press it, it will prepend ** to the extension. For example, it would send **1000 to your PBX which interprets this as a pickup code.

RE: Pickup with BLF - keffa - 09-29-2015 06:19 AM

Just to enhance jcaruso's answer a bit further, the phone has a setting to enable this as the default behaviour for BLF lamps.

In the phones settings go to the FEATURES tab. Then go to CALL PICKUP in the menu down the left.

You want to have these settings...

Directed call pickup: Enabled
Directed call pickup code: ** (Change this to your PBX code for remote pickup. On all asterisk based systems its **)

Then just enter your BLF key extension numbers as normal (Don't put the **) and the phone will default to picking up the call if the BLF key is pressed when flashing/ringing.