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default username/password not working after firmware upgrade - tfrohling - 11-23-2012 11:37 PM

I have several T20P phones and wanted to make sure that I was running the latest firmware so went to the download area and downloaded the firmware upgrade. I uploaded that to two phones and realized that after doing this the default admin/admin username, password combination no longer worked. I'd happily drop back to but, now can't get into the phone to do that. In addition I now notice that tcp port 12345 is now open on the phone, whereas on the phones that have not been updated, only have 80 and 443 open. Is there a way to use some program or utility that will allow access to the phone on this new open port?

The phones that have been updated, still function fully as extensions.

Thanks to anyone who may be able to help access the phones for updates or feature changes through the web interface.


RE: default username/password not working after firmware upgrade - Mauro - 11-24-2012 12:39 AM

I hope Yealink staff may help you (I'm just a user, and I wish to do some more tests with when I have some time, to take a look if I get some password problems like you).

Just to tell a story, once I managed to gain access to a T28 after we lost its password...
(Using a temporary TFTP server and temporary changing TFTP setting in the DHCP) I created a MAC-specific autoprovisioning file containing the username/password lines ONLY... so the autoprovisioning updated the password and so I was able to log in, without losing any other setting at that moment. Good. Once inside, I exported the current configuration, to get a backup... when later switched back to the usual DHCP setting (and usual TFTP server, which contains the "complete" provisioning files) and rebooted, the phone re-applied that provisioning, overwriting part of user customizations (the part that was in the complete provisioning)... I expected this, so I then imported the configuration I previously saved, so restored the customizations.... but then it automatically re-applied the provisioning file once again, overwriting part of user customization again, and I didn't expect this. Bad! Well, at that moment, I gave up and managed to manually make the few user customizations the provisining had overwritten (fortunately, they were just a couple of things... otherwise, I may have removed such parts from the "complete" autoprovisoning file and loaded from the backup again, so another repetition of the provisioning would not have changed them again).... anyway it was still better than performing an hard reset (in that case, I fear I would have had to re-do all the configurations of all the three EXP38 (3x38=114 buttons... expanions modules buttons are not mentioned in our autoprivioning file, and I don't even know if it is possible to autoprovision them)...
Well, thinking about it now, that time I could have had a similar result by simply making any small change on that phone normal provisioning file (or "re-generate" it)... to have it restore the password specified in the provisioning at the price of overwriting a few user customized options...

RE: default username/password not working after firmware upgrade - tfrohling - 11-24-2012 05:25 AM


Whooo Hooo! That hint got me in. Here is what was in my provisioning file:

[ AdminPassword ]
path = /config/Setting/autop.cfg
Password = d92e7c7a

Using that, I was able to get into the phone, now for looking at the others.

thanks so much for the story and the fix was a little easier then yours.


RE: default username/password not working after firmware upgrade - khalidnisar - 02-15-2020 01:30 PM

Create a config file MACaddress.cfg
insert the below lines in your .cfg files

security.user_password = admin:admin

install a TFTP server on your computer and put the file in the TFTP folder,
restart your phone while keeping the OK button pressed, on the configuration menu press ok to update.

Congratulations, your password is reset now. to admin admin