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Add ability to change app-name on syslog - jcaruso - 09-19-2015 04:45 AM

It would be great if we had the ability to specify a string that was included in all syslog messages.

Please see this relevant RFC for syslog

6.2.5. APP-NAME

The APP-NAME field SHOULD identify the device or application that
originated the message. It is a string without further semantics.
It is intended for filtering messages on a relay or collector.

The NILVALUE MAY be used when the syslog application has no idea of
its APP-NAME or cannot provide that information. It may be that a
device is unable to provide that information either because of a
local policy decision, or because the information is not available,
or not applicable, on the device.

This field MAY be operator-assigned.

I have a central server that I would like to use to collect our syslogs from remote locations. However, currently if you point more than one device to that IP they cannot be filtered except by IP. Since they all have the same IP then they all go into one log file.

Having the app-name field would let me filter based on IP plus a unique string assigned to each phone.

RE: Add ability to change app-name on syslog - Yealink_Michael - 09-19-2015 05:05 AM


thanks for your advice

may i know that why you need to read the log file ? as the syslog file is general for yealink R&D engineers to locate the phone issue, if you export the log , you can send to us ,and tell us the MAC address the phone , then our engineer can locate the phone

the syslog is not used for customers


RE: Add ability to change app-name on syslog - jcaruso - 09-21-2015 08:09 PM


I have about 400+ endpoints spread across 70~ locations. Using syslog to centralize log management makes troubleshooting a lot easier for me.

Yes I could wait until an issue happens and then submit a ticket to Yealink and wait for resolution, but a lot of times because of the time zone difference and the need for issues to be resolved more quickly this is not feasible.

Right now, we have to wait for an issue is reported and then export the syslog. Depending on when the issue happened, since Yealink phones have limited memory for log files, the log may be truncated. Also, if the phone was powered off then the log file would be lost. Being able to have all phones log to a central server now gives the option to back up those logs.

Normally I would just put a syslog server on site and then I could sort by IP address. However, it is not cost efficient to put 70~ servers at 70~ sites. If I forward to a remote syslog server like I'm trying to do, then there is no way to put the logs into different files. Instead I get all of the logs from all phones in one file.

If I could specify the app name as according to the RFC this would be fixed.

There is a lot of useful information in the syslog that other people besides your engineers can use. I'm speaking not of the actual end users but the people who manage those devices.

Please understand that this would allow me to provide a better experience to my customers and when I did need to submit an issue to Yealink I would already have the logs available.