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push_xml.server multiple IP's ? - rphenix - 09-17-2015 05:39 AM

Can you specify netblocks or multiple ip addresses for the push_xml.server in the provisioning template?

RE: push_xml.server multiple IP's ? - Yealink_Michael - 09-17-2015 06:14 AM


auto provision sentence :

push_xml.server =

//The format of the IP address:
1) Support one or more Discontinuous IP address, separated with a comma.
For example, when you fill in the IP like “,”, at this time, only the
person using the IP address of or can remote control the phone
with Active URI.
2) Support a continuous IP section, use the format like ?*.*.*.*? to design the IP section that can
access to the phone. The range of ? * ? is 0~255
For example
10.1.3.* means the IP section of
10.1.*.* means the IP section of //