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T46G RTP Multicast - re-activate stream - briankelly63 - 07-23-2013 10:11 PM

When a multicast RTP stream begins the phone activates it speaker and the stream can be heard.
If you pick up the receiver and hang up the connection to the stream is ended.
I would like an option that re-activates the speaker whenever the phone is idle and the stream is present.
In other words I'd like to prevent the stream from being deactivated.

This feature would be important for emergency use!

RE: T46G RTP Multicast - re-activate stream - Yealink Support - 07-25-2013 03:17 PM

Hi Brian,
Do you mean during the paging call, you pick up the handset, and hang up, you still want the call can be continued, but not hang up?
If yes, before you hang up the handset, you can press Speaker button, then hang up, so the call will be continued.

RE: T46G RTP Multicast - re-activate stream - briankelly63 - 07-26-2013 12:30 AM

Let me re-state:

Phone is idle, multicast page opens speaker, I pick up handset, I hang up handset. I would like the page to re-open the speaker and continue. In other words the phone should always respond to the IP multicast traffic even when I've previously hung up on it.

Currently the phone allows me to hang up on a page. In an emergency paging situation this would be a problem. The ONLY time the page should mute itself is if a make a call on a line or answer a call.

Multicast is just starting to be widely used so it would be a good idea to start designing options which can control its behavior under a variety of circumstances.

RE: T46G RTP Multicast - re-activate stream - - 09-21-2016 01:52 AM

Is there a way yet to re-activate the multicast stream yet?
Example: A multicast paging is being played through my phone, I have to make a call during the multicast cast, so I pick up the phone, make the call then hang up when done. The multicast stream does not reactivate when I disconnect with my call even though the stream is still active.