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SOLVED: Cannot set DSS keys for T46G - jfmorris - 07-20-2013 04:18 AM

First things first - various reviews of the T46G prompted me to buy 18 of them to outfit our small office as we switch from an old Samsung "digital" phone system to VOIP. So far, I am very pleased with the quality of these phones, and everything is working great. I am using Asterisk/FreePBX as the PBX.

That said, I am having issues provisioning these phones. The are loading both y000000000028.cfg and the MAC.cfg file, based on looking at the tftp related log messages on the Linux system. But... I cannot for the life of me get any key assignments to take. All phones show the local extension name next to the Line 1 button, and that's it. I can set BLF keys to the phone using the phone's built in web browser, or the phone screen, and they work - but I don't want to manage that for 18+ phones, especially as people and extensions change.

I've tried entires like this in the y000000000028.cfg file, for multiple keys, and nothing happens on the phone when rebooted:

linekey.1.line = 1
linekey.1.value = 101
linekey.1.pickup_value =
linekey.1.type = 16 (also tried "blf" here).
linekey.1.label = Jim

And so on. Nothing ever shows up. I've tried all sorts of line values (0 and 1 anyway), and have tried assigning keys on the EXP40 set as well, and just am stuck on this.

I can put these phones on everyone's desks, but I really do NOT want to have to use the web browser to each phone, and manually setup all of their DSS keys. I want to be able to manage those from the server.

Any help is appreciated.

Oh - has anyone noticed that when using DHCP time server assignment, that the "auto" setting on the phone for DST does not work? I had to turn it ON, and set the dates for DST, before I could get it to work properly.

Huntsville, Alabama

RE: Cannot set DSS keys for T46G - briankelly63 - 07-20-2013 07:47 PM

I tried this on mine and it works fine.....

How is your tftp set up on the Auto Provision screen? I have the entry:


in the "Server Url" box under Settings -> Auto Provision.

This is more direct than having the DHCP server tell the phone (thru opt 66) what the tftp server address is.

Upgrade your firmware if you haven't done so already:

Check the PHONES logfile under Settings -> Configuration , perhaps even set up a Syslog server so you can watch it realtime because the tftp log from your server logs "calls" but doesn't really tell you if the file was successfully opened and read. The log from the phone will.

Add the line:

voice.side_tone = -3

to your configuration file under the "Phone Features" section and reboot the phone. If you suddenly have sidetone on the phone you'll know the file is actually be accessed correctly. If it doesn't change we know the file in general isn't being accessed.

RE: Cannot set DSS keys for T46G - jfmorris - 07-20-2013 11:26 PM

Thanks. Based on the logs, the phone is pulling both cfg files. And I've confirmed I can manually pull them back to my Macbook Pro using the command line tftp utility as well.

I had to specify the provisioning server url as tftp:// on the phone's web interface. I spent an hour or two trying to get DHCP option 66 to work, and the phone I was testing with would never access the TFTP server.

I may have a botched up config file generated by FreePBX on a couple of the phones I am testing with - it's web interface only offers a T38 as the closest phone. I had started with that, then switched to the files I got directly from Yealink for the T46. I will purge my TFTP folder of all files other than the T46 specific ones, and try again Monday when back in the office. I will also try the side tone change you suggest.

Is there any way someone could post a known working set of the two .cfg files for a T46G here? I could use that as a starting point to customize for my setup. There is a LOT in the files from Yealink to customize, i.e. all the something.X.something to customize for each account I suppose.



RE: Cannot set DSS keys for T46G - briankelly63 - 07-21-2013 12:03 AM

If you download the Auto Provisioning guide zip file:

within that file are clean example config files.

You may already have that but I've included it for the benefit of others.

This phone is obviously very new so many people haven't set up detailed config files yet.

RE: Cannot set DSS keys for T46G - jfmorris - 07-22-2013 11:07 PM

I went back to the clean copies of the T46G files from the Auto Provisioning guide, and all is now working. Thanks!

RE: Cannot set DSS keys for T46G - briankelly63 - 07-23-2013 10:21 PM

When you get a chance.... I think you can edit this threads heading and prefix the title with SOLVED:

RE: Cannot set DSS keys for T46G - honey - 08-01-2013 03:44 PM

i would like to appreciate you for sharing such a great info with us