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Setting Default ChangeMode - NerdUno - 07-14-2013 03:55 AM

Within an XML Browser app, is there any way to programmatically set the Default ChangeMode?? We prefer the "abc" keyboard rather than the default 2aB. Thanks in advance.

<SoftKey index="2">

RE: Setting Default ChangeMode - Yealink Support - 07-15-2013 05:18 PM

Hi Nerd,
Which interface you are mentioned?
There are seveal place have input method option in the softkey, so you mean you want to change these default input method by xml browser feature?

RE: Setting Default ChangeMode - NerdUno - 07-16-2013 02:20 AM

Yes. We are using this with an <InputScreen>. However, we would like it to default to abc input instead of 2aB, and I don't see a way to configure the default input method. We're using this for Directory lookups so entering alpha characters is all that's required, never numbers.

RE: Setting Default ChangeMode - Yealink Support - 07-17-2013 02:19 PM

Hi NerdUno,
Sorry i am afaid this need to require modify the firmware, currently do not support this feature.
Any way, i will submit this to our product department to evaluate.
If this issue is urgent, i suggest you contact local distributor, they have higher priority.