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EXp39 - pitastrudl - 09-07-2015 04:27 PM

So We got the T26P and the expansion module EXP39 and i am wondering what does the symbol on the exp39 mean. Where the name is, there is the user icon and towards the icon there is an arrow pointing at it's head. The t26p pdf says for the arrow that it means "received call" but does it mean the same for the exp39? sadly i have not found any documentation on this. any help would be welcome. Pic

RE: EXp39 - Yealink_Michael - 09-07-2015 08:01 PM


yes, if the key is set to BLF and a arrow pointing at the user icon head, that means the number you monitored is ringing

if the arrow is pointing out the user icon head, that means the number you monitored is in talking status or calling out a call



RE: EXp39 - pitastrudl - 09-07-2015 09:07 PM


I have just reset the LCD, becuase due to new users the panels had to be reconfigured. The arrows were gone. Now I have no idea how to replicate the arrows. When the arrows were there, they didnt dissapear, and the users with the arrows were not ringing or being in a call. Just to be clear, all this is on the EXP39 lcd panel.

EDIT: I didnt mean reset, the panel "resets iteself" when i push the updated panel, so it seems.