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Ring tone - nicolinux - 05-24-2013 03:03 PM

Hello, i have a few T20P yealink phone and a Yeastar Mypbx. I have configured the contact in each phone, putting all the extensions in a group named "work".
After that i have given to the this group a different ring tone, ring6.
When an extension calls another extension the phone use the proper tone (ring6) and when there is an external inbound call the phone is using the default tone, ring2.
The problem arise when userA answer to an external phone call and wanto to tranfer it to userB. UserB's phone is ringing using the default tone (ring2) and not the group tone (ring6).
In a few word, the customer woud like do know if the incoming call is an internal call or is an external call been transferred
can you help me ?

RE: Ring tone - Yealink Support - 05-25-2013 11:14 AM

Hi Nico,
1. Here i tested at my side, and it works well.
2. Did you add this external number to your group? If this number is in your group, there will no problem.
3. What's the firmware are you using? Could you upgrade to latest firmware 9..70.0.140
4. You can also access to the webpage-Account-Advanced, disabled Distinctive Ring tones and check again.

5. If the problem is still, please send me the config.bin file, and tell me which extensions have the problem.
Access to the phone webpage-Upgrade-Advanced