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Remote control of Phones and Room Panels thru YDMP - Bertin - 04-15-2024 02:10 PM


We are using Yealink (Teams) phones and Room Panels on our multi campus network. They are all registered on our local YDMP (version and that works fine for configuring/troubleshooting these devices.

However, I have a few questions about the remote viewing/control capabilities of these devices:
- On the CP965, MP56, T55A and (SIP-mode) T48S devices I can use remote view thru YDMP
- This option is not available on the Room Panels, although I can also get access by using https://ip-number/#api/screencapture.

On all devices, I get the message "Please get consent from Device Setting to enable screen capture", which makes this function useless, as those devices are located on other locations and there is no one there to change that setting. So I have these question:
- Is it possible to add the Remote View for Room Panels in YDMP?
- Is there a way to push the consent to view the screen remotely by YDMP?
- (feature request) Make it possible to actually simulate a push on the screen so we can actually control the devices remotely

Hope these issues can be solved

Kind regards,
Bertin Peeters
System Administrator
University of Antwerp