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Yealink T46U - OpenVPN to MikroTik Router - isaiahsiewert - 01-19-2024 12:04 AM


We are currently trying to connect a Yealink T46U phone to a MikroTik router through an OpenVPN connection, to allow calls from another location to be received, parked, etc.

We tested that our MikroTik OpenVPN server is working, by configuring a new user and connecting to the MikroTik with the Window desktop OpenVPN client. It appears the phone is unable to connect to the router, and we are not seeing any logs on the router that show connection attempts. My main theory is that the .ovpn file we export from the MikroTik router might not have all the necessary fields/lines it needs to work, but I am not really sure where to start here.

I tried looking at a couple examples of other OpenVPN configs posted on the forums here, but I cannot seem to find one for this phone model or similar model. Any help would be appreciated.

I can also upload our config for the .OVPN file, but it seemed to not work whatsoever.

Thank you!