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Deskphone ringing when calling from softphone - cgrecu - 01-04-2024 12:44 AM

I have a user with a Yealink T48G that is connecting to a Bicom Softphone product.
He mentioned that for the last month when he is trying make a call using the Softphone keypad it will ring to his desk phone and after he picks up the outbound call is connecting.

I've checked the Communicator app on his desktop and it's set to make the calls by default through the desk phone. I spoke with Bicom support and they've advised to check in the phone's settings as the configuration is correct in their desktop app.

I've enabled the Preferences>Auto Answer and it kind of works but now all the calls are automatically answered.

Is there an option I am missing to allow the outbound calls from softphone through deskphone not make the deskphone ring first and automatically connect?