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MP54 Call Forwarding - pureit2018 - 11-23-2023 07:58 AM

Hi , we have had an MP54 Handset with TEAMS for 2 years. In the past 12 months some time we have "lost" the ability to forward calls to Delegates. It simply isn't where it used to be in the handset menu nor where the users manual says it should be.

Can I please confirm that a either a Microsoft Update or a Yealink firware update ( or a combination of both ) has removed this functionality and from online reading we cannot get it back??

The big issue here is that this MP54 is the main reception handset and when the receptionist is not there we need to be able to divert the incoming calls to a "delegate"

And if this is not fixable, is this issue across all Yeaink handsets? Or if this is a Mocrosoft issue is it also across all TEAMS Handsets?

Thanks in advance.