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multiple base stations & seamless roaming - jan peeters - 09-04-2015 09:42 PM

Suppose you have multiple base stations in one building. A site survey has been carried out in order to determine the correct location for each base station. A person has an active voice call and walks through the building. He'sleaving the coverage zone of one base station & enter the coverage zone of the other one: does the call remain active or is the call broken during the process where the handset is registering itself with the other base station?

RE: multiple base stations & seamless roaming - CompLogic - 09-09-2015 03:17 AM

The W52P will not roam "seamlessly" or "transparently"

You can register 5 handsets & SIP accounts, but can only have 4 active calls. Using a repeater cuts the active call channels in half from 4 to 2.
I don't understand the thought process behind this design at all.

The handsets have to disconnect from one base station to register with another base when "Best Base" is selected on the handset.
The handsets wont swap when on an active call so if you leave the reach of the base you are currently connected with the call will drop. Even though you are standing next to a base station.

Uniden Honeycomb is the only system that I have tested that works "seamlessly" and "transparently". Although they are significantly more expensive they simply work.
EXP1240B (base) EXP1240H (handset)

The base stations have built in controller software communicating through Ethernet and pass the handsets between each other.