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Headset Microphone Talkback Volume - zeynox - 04-18-2023 01:28 AM

Hi dear Yealink friends,

I have a T48G and a headset to go with it, which is not the same brand. Unfortunately, the microphone, with which I hear myself on the headphones, is too loud. Out it goes at optimum volume. I found out that this talkback originates in the phone itself, as well as in the handset.

Is there a parameter in the Yealink configuration that I can use to control the volume of the microphone talkback for the headset only?

With the Yealink handset, I can control this quite simply with this parameter, from -100 to 0db.

voice.side_tone =

For a connected headset I have not read anything like this. :c

PS: I am new here in the forum! Smile))

Kind regards

RE: Headset Microphone Talkback Volume - zeynox - 08-18-2023 01:51 AM

Is there really no clever solution?!?

RE: Headset Microphone Talkback Volume - jseeley - 09-08-2023 12:20 AM

(08-18-2023 01:51 AM)zeynox Wrote:  Is there really no clever solution?!?

I'm a newbie. From what I read, there's no way to control the side tone of a headset with the Yealink settings. That sidetone setting only affects the handset. So I think you're limited to he headset's proprietary settings or try another headset. I think the lack of forum responses are due to reluctancy instead of simply not knowing the answer. Maybe it's customary to not answer questions they perceive as stupid.. Noticed this on some posts including my own.