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W60B - LDAP - Missing names in call history - Scherm - 03-07-2023 02:06 AM


I have a Yealink W60B (W53P). I configured all settings to have a connection with my local LDAP server and this works fine. This means that the name of my client appears on the screen when the client calls me.

However, in the call list with the recent calls, all the names are missing. For instance, +324998xxxxx calls me. A request is sent to the LDAP server with +32499xxxxxx. The name is returned and shown on the device. In the call history an new entry appears as 04998xxxxx. When selecting the call from the history to see the details I see:
duration =

So the name from my LDAP server is not filled in. The number is also slightly different (04998xxxxx versus +324998xxxxx).

How can I have the name from the LDAP server visible in the recent calls list?

Note, in the Features/General Information, the setting "Call List Show Number" is set to "Name & Number". Also, when I set it to "Name", the problem persists.
Also note, in the Settings/Call Display. The Display Called Party Information is enabled. The display Caller Party Information is enabled. The Call Information Display Method is set to "Name+Number".