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Enhanced BLF and PBX configuration - pavel.patera - 12-09-2022 09:43 PM

Hello I found in Yealink administrator guide parameters for setting custom behavior of BLF.
Generally it works as expected, with exception that such parameters are not included (for unknown reason) in .cfg export.
But I cannot activate blf.enhanced.dnd. state from PBX.
By default PBX sends extension DND as busy (SIP notify <state>confirmed</state>) without any difference between busy and DND.
This is not behaviour that I want. I have full control of PBX (including PBX source code as it is asterisk based solution), but for right configuration (eventually modification of PBX) I need to know what (which mesage/field/value) is used to distinguish between BLF state DND and standard busy/idle on Yealink phone side.