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No video / black screen between CUCM and Yalink - CMD - 10-17-2022 02:18 AM

We have configured SIP Trunk between CUCM and Yealink PBX.
When calling from Yealink to CUCM, the video does not work at all
When calling from CUCM to Yealink, there is a picture on the Yealink phone, but there is no video on the Cisco phone - a black screen.

We checked the settings with codecs, there are consistent codecs available from CUCM and Yealink

From the Yealink side, the VP59 device is used for testing.
From the CUCM side, the Cisco 9951.

Next situation:
1. When calling from VP59 to 9951: there is no video with a kick to the side
2. When calling from 9951 to VP59: there is indeed video on VP59 that is valid from 9951, but at the same time there is a black screen on 9951 (the video starts, but there is no picture).

Recently discovered a way to fix the black screen from the 2nd paragraph above. On the VP59, the video call speed has been automatically changed to 384 kbps. If you specify a speed higher or Auto, then the video is not transmitted.