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Multicast Paging And SIP Call - nolto - 09-23-2022 08:05 PM

A customer of ours wants to broadcast continuous paging to Yealink IP Phones. However, when Paging is active if the phone is called, it does not ring, it only generates a warning in the background, as in the "call waiting" feature.

Is there a way to make a ringtone when the phone receives a call while the paging is broadcasting?
Also, can it be enabled to automatically continue paging when the call disconnect?

Thanks in advance.

RE: Multicast Paging And SIP Call - testlabuser2015 - 09-24-2022 09:41 AM


I would check out the options at Features > Intercom , as these would need to be adjusted. What you're hearing is the "Intercom Tone" It enables or disables the phone to play a warning tone when answering an intercom call, in your case, the tone is played in the background because due to the fact that "Intercom Tone" is enabled but "Intercom Barge" is disabled.

As for changing it to a ring tone, there is no means that I'm aware of, but it can be changed to the call waiting tone via the following.
features.intercom.tone > set to 1
voice.intercom.tone_vol > set to 1