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Cannot export any files T42G - Telcopc - 09-23-2022 03:18 AM

Firmware Version
Hardware Version

I have 3 of the above phones and I cannot export anything.
If I click any Export button there is no window pop up to ask where I want to save the file.
I can see icon going back and forth in the browser tab as if it is trying/thinking.
Eventually the web page states the connection reset.

If I click any Import button then the window will pop up.

I have no issues with exporting with the T29G

I have tried Waterfox, Edge and Chrome, all the same issue.

Is there some setting in the sets blocking this?


RE: Cannot export any files T42G - Telcopc - 10-07-2022 01:26 AM

-I should have mentioned this is on an internal network
-I checked another PC on the same network, it has no issues with Edge or Chrome

Deemed a PC issue or sorts, case closed!