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T58 Call Park/Transfer Issues - TieTech01 - 08-18-2022 08:48 PM

We have a host of T58s that are needing to be rebooted once or twice a day.

The ability to transfer and park are no longer there. All BLF indicators are green and the phone is registered(never actually loses registration) and looks completely normal-however there is no ability to see any users on the lines or to Park or transfer(just get a busy signal when we try to transfer)

We reboot and the problem goes away. We had the IT team tear apart the sonic wall, we replaced phones, factory reset and still the problem persists.

Firewall: Sonicwall
Internet Provider: Comcast Fiber 200MB with Ciena CN 3916 onsite from Comcast

Any ideas or anyone out there have the same issue?