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Group pickup!!!!! DOES NOT WORK! - thatguycraig - 09-03-2015 03:51 PM

Banging my head against the wall here

I've read many different threads both here, and on 3cx forum in regards to group pickup - so before anyone points me to an existing thread - chances are I've read it and tried it

So my scenario, in real world terms.
Voipfone trunk is configured, as a trial, to ring our East Anglia depot.
  • client calls east anglia number
  • number is directed to call queue / ring group
  • member of the group is not as their desk
  • another member of staff wants to pick the call up and deal with the enquiry
  • tried using a BLF configured to *20* - does not work
  • tried using a BLF configured to *20*71501 (ring group extension) - does not work
  • tried using a BLF configured to *20*81501 (call queue extension) - does not work
  • tried setting webpage-features-call pickup-group pickup, code *20* - does not work!!!!

*20* works perfectly well when someone is ringing a personal extension number. E.g. - Jon calls me, Craig on 10101. I am not as my desk, so Jim dials *20*, *20*10101, or used the BLF. The call is picked up, hey presto it works

I need to be able to pick up a call from a queue or group

I hope this makes sense, as my posts so far have fallen on deaf ears.


RE: Group pickup!!!!! DOES NOT WORK! - Bryan Nelson - 09-11-2015 06:12 AM

While I have not tried a pickup on a specific call group myself, I do know that I can use a Yealink phone to monitor a phone number and call pickup works on the number itself to retrieve calls that are still in the ringing state.

Much of this functionality depends more on the server side configuration than the phone attempting the pickup. All your phone does is send out the pickup code in front of the subscribed BLF as a dial. It is up to the server to properly process this request and return the correct call channel.

In the case of monitoring the phone number, the server setup is simpler, as we can simply retrieve the calling side channel associated with the phone number being dialed. When retrieving from a call group, you may be running into the issue of looking at multiple channels of ringing phones in the group, which complicates the pickup process.

Unfortunately, I am unfamiliar with 3cx, but I hope that my input can help give you something new to try out.

One thing to keep in mind with phone number pickups is the potential of overlapping calls, which in my case will result in only the most recent call being available for pickup.

Good luck!