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Firmware WH62 - EHORN - 06-27-2022 03:59 PM

Hello @all,

I need a downloadlink for the WH62 headset firmware, because the usb-connect-software doesn't find the current firmware for the headset.
My USB Connect version is the, but the firmware of the headset is 104.420.0.35. If I search for firmwareupdates, the software says, the firmware is up to date.

Thanks for help

RE: Firmware WH62 - Yisroel_MongoTEL - 06-27-2022 10:26 PM

First of all there is a newer version of Yealink USB Connect (version You can take if from here

RE: Firmware WH62 - EHORN - 06-28-2022 05:51 PM

This version is currently installed. Sadly it say the firmware is up to date Sad

RE: Firmware WH62 - EHORN - 07-07-2022 05:32 PM

Problem is resolved. I did a hardreset and after that, usb connect found the new firmware.