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Missed calls list... caller id.. outbound route pattern - savi - 06-05-2022 03:09 PM

Hi all,
I´m an enduser... means: quite clueless. Here is my problem:
We are running a Grandstream UCM6301 and a bunsh of yealink (T58) phones.
Every extension is adressed with an outbound route pattern, i.e. 91-99 (as an example in this post I´ll refer only to 91 foregoing). So, to call out, 91xxx has to be dialed.

Usecase 1: Make a call from the list "missed calls" displayed on the screen of the T58.

This doesnt work, because in the "missed calls list" in the T58 there are of course only the caller ids safed, not the outbound route pattern (91), the T58 doesnt insert the 91 (which is required for an outgoing call for the phone with its specific extension).

Workaround (I thought could do): Define (clientwise, for every T58) the specific outbound pattern (i.e. 91 in my example) as an area code that will automatically be inserted. So far... it works. Calls from the "missed calls" list can be done just by typing on the number saved in the "missed calls" list. Success, the phone dials 91+caller id.

Usecase 2: Redirecting and call pickup.
Problem: Redirecting and call pickup doen´t work anymore, if the aforementioned woraround is applied. The phone then doesnt dial **(extension number) but 91**(extension number). That of course leads to nowhere.

Workaround thought: Define a replace rule in the dial plan of every T58. Example: If a call starts with 91**, replace it with **.

I tried this... with no success. It (the T58) just doesnt do the replacement.

Could someone help me? Any ideas how to solve this? Many thanks in advance!